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Maybe you’re meticulous about brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and scheduling a cleaning twice a year with your dentist. Keep it up! This is the best practice to avoid and prevent oral health problems. But how do you know if it’s time to make an appointment outside of routine cleaning? Below is a list of 8 signs that it’s time to call your dentist. If you notice at least one of these issues, don’t wait. Our team at Anderson & Atkins Dentistry is here to serve you and help you...
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Flossing your teeth is an important step in your dental hygiene. You can protect your teeth and gums from decay by removing bacteria and food residue when you floss at least once a day. Find a time of day when you have a few extra minutes to floss after brushing your teeth. To make sure you’re flossing the right way, we’ve simplified the process into six easy steps.
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You brush your teeth twice a day, is flossing really that important? While brushing your teeth is necessary for good dental hygiene, there are many benefits to flossing. When you include this step in your daily routine, you take great strides towards the overall health of your teeth and gums. Read on before you decide to skip out on flossing your teeth.
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Flossing tends to be one of the most overlooked forms of dental hygiene. Yes, brushing your teeth is important, but so is flossing daily. In order to effectively protect your teeth from cavities and decay, you need to add this habit to your oral care routine. Let us teach you how to properly floss so that you get the best results.
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Dr. Brady Atkins with Anderson Atkins D.D.S. in College Station, Texas discusses whether flossing with dental floss or using a waterpik is more effective.
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