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If you’re unhappy with your teeth, several options will give you the confidence to smile again. In fact, two of the most common dental cosmetic services create a straighter and whiter smile. Anderson & Atkins Dentistry will customize a treatment plan based on your age, goals, and financial comfort level. When you trust us to take care of your cosmetic dental needs, you won’t want to hide your smile anymore. 

If you want a straighter smile:


Invisalign is a system of clear aligners that move your teeth into their correct position. Invisalign can redefine your smile and correct your bite. And because the aligners are nearly invisible, you may feel more comfortable and confident during the process than if you were wearing traditional braces. If you’re ready to take the next step towards a straighter smile, contact us today and schedule a free consultation to find out if Invisalign is right for you. 

If you want a brighter smile:

DIY Whitening Tips 

There are a few things you can do at home to decrease plaque buildup, limit stains, and make them appear whiter. 

  1. Reduce your sugar intake. Sugar supports the growth of bacteria that causes plaque buildup and gingivitis. 
  2. Limit your consumption of coffee, tea, soda, wine, and dark berries that are known for staining your teeth. Tobacco also stains your teeth and should be avoided. 
  3. Brush and floss regularly, especially after eating sugar or drinking or teeth-staining beverages. 
  4. Consume calcium-rich food like milk, cheese, and broccoli to strengthen the white enamel on your teeth and prevent the exposure of yellow dentin underneath. 
  5. Eat more fruits like strawberries and pineapples that contain teeth-whitening properties. Consuming raw vegetables not only promotes overall health but may help rub plaque away while you chew.

Professional Whitening Kit 

At Anderson & Atkins, we trust Opalescence to safely and effectively brighten your smile. This dentist-supervised whitening system is customized to fit your teeth. Prescription-strength whitening gel and clear instructions will give you a whiter smile in less than a month. Compared to over-the-counter tooth whitening kits, Opalescence is effective and long-lasting.

If you’re ready to move forward in creating a brighter, straighter smile, call Anderson and Atkins Dentistry today. Together, we’ll customize a plan that meets your needs aesthetically and financially. 


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