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The idea of "same-day" dentures may be appealing to you. But it’s not quite as simple as the name makes it out to be. Let us show you the details behind "same-day" dentures so you know exactly what to expect. At Anderson & Atkins, DDS we want you to be informed and confident when it comes to making decisions about your teeth. Find out if "same-day", or more commonly known as immediate, dentures is the best course of treatment for you.

What You Don’t Hear About "Same-Day" Dentures

"Same-day" dentures sounds easy, right? One appointment, new teeth, you’re good to go. But the name is misleading. Dr. Atkins explains, “In reality, you have a few appointments before you get teeth pulled to measure for the denture. Then appointments after you get the denture for adjustments. But you never hear about those until you come in, of course." We don’t want you to feel misled. We want you to know that there will be multiple appointments before and after the surgery. This is important if you want the fit to be secure and the color of the teeth to be correct.

All in all, the idea behind "same-day" dentures is that your teeth will be removed and new teeth inserted on the same day. Dr. Atkins assures you, “We won't let people walk out without teeth.”

The Process of "Same-Day" Dentures

Your first several appointments will include the fabrication phase. This phase includes an impression of the teeth and jaw, bite records, and selecting the tooth color. If you plan to receive a full set of dentures, your back teeth with be extracted six to eight weeks prior to fabrication. When the back teeth are removed and the gums are fully healed before the remainder of your teeth are removed, the dentures are more likely to fit correctly. After the back teeth are removed and fabrication is complete, your surgery is scheduled to remove your remaining teeth and insert the denture. Initially, your gums will be swollen, so a follow-up appointment is required to adjust the fit of the dentures after the swelling subsides. In fact, it may take up to six months after you receive the denture before it can be finalized.

The Pros and Cons to "Same-Day" Dentures

The most obvious “pro” of immediate dentures is the fact that you always have teeth. Traditional denture insertion occurs at least six weeks after the teeth are extracted. This allows the gums to heal before the denture is inserted and may reduce the need for size adjustments. However, six weeks is a long time to go without teeth. Immediate dentures prevent you from having to change your dietary habits, face insecurity as you go about your daily routine, or learn how to talk without teeth. Immediate dentures also help to protect your gums after teeth extraction. On the flip side, immediate dentures are more expensive than traditional dentures. And, as we mentioned early, immediate dentures will require sizing adjustments as the gums heal.

Immediate dentures are not for everyone. Various health conditions or oral problems could prevent you from being eligible for this procedure. But for those who see that the pros outweigh the cons, contact us at Anderson & Atkins, DDS. Immediate dentures may be the right procedure for you. If you’re interested in learning more, call us at (979) 846-1813.







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