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Ask A Dentist: Waterpik vs. Flossing

Anderson & Atkins is happy to announce the rollout of their social media video series, "Ask a Dentist"! In these videos, the dental professionals from Anderson and Atkins will be answering frequently asked questions from their followers on Facebook. For the first video in the series, Dr. Brady Atkins is discussing the pros and cons of manual flossing versus flossing with a Waterpik. Check out the video here, and to submit your own questions, follow us on Facebook



Sources: Evaluation of the Plaque Removal Efficacy of a Water Flosser Compared to String Floss in Adults After a Single Use and Comparison of Irrigation to Floss as an Adjunct to Tooth Brushing: Effect on Bleeding, Gingivitis, and Supragingival Plaque


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