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Chewing gum is not a new development or even a new habit. Researchers have found evidence of humans chewing tree sap before anything was manufactured. Today, chewing gum is made up of synthetic materials that you may believe is bad for your teeth. According to the American Dental Association, choosing the right kind of gum may go a long way to protect your teeth and help fight cavities. Before you snag your next pack of gum, understand what to look for and learn why chewing a stick of gum can be...
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As a parent, your to-do list most likely grows every day as you prepare for the start of the new school year: shopping for new clothes, organizing school supplies, and making adjustments to get back into the school routine. These are all necessary for a successful first day of school. Another important task you need to include on your list is a visit to the dentist. When you schedule a check-up now, you ensure your child doesn’t miss school, plus it helps your child get back on track with good ...
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