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A receding gum line is a common dental issue that is difficult to detect yet easy to prevent. Unfortunately, many people do not address this problem until the gums have receded so much that various there is an increased risk for tooth loss. Regular teeth cleanings and good oral hygiene habits are the best ways to prevent gum recession and protect your overall dental health. Learn more about the symptoms and causes of gum recession and how Anderson & Atkins, DDS can help with prevention.
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A research team commissioned by the National Coffee Association discovered that 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee every day. Maybe you fall into this category and have wondered whether or not you should try to kick the habit. But did you know that coffee can actually have positive effects on your oral health? We’ll show you why you don’t have to avoid your daily cup of joe in order to protect your teeth and gums. Better yet, your coffee intake may actually reduce your risk for ...
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